UnOfficial Feeds is now shut down. You have options!

>> There is a NEW service that supports the brand new Stitcher website and system. Sign up for FREE here! <<

Earlier in the summer it has been made noted that this service is shutting down. Stitcher has moved to a new modern system built from scratch, which means these old systems no longer compatible.

Moving from Unofficial Feeds to (V2) of Unofficial RSS:

If you did this you will have to contact stitcher support and ask them to convert you back to an email/password login.

  1. Make sure you have a current account with Stitcher (not a legacy account). Visit and login. If you are requested to change your password that means you had a legacy account. By changing your password you will be moved to their current system. This is required! If it doesn't request you change password your account should be in good standing to use the new RSS feed website.
  2. Visit the new website and login with the button at the bottom of the page. It will redirect you to a stitcher login page.
  3. Once authenticated and the website verifies you have a currently paid stitcher account, you will be able to search for your favorite feeds, and add them back into the app.


Are you involved in the project anymore?
The current website I have no involvement in making other than helping out getting the developer Shahruz get in contact with Stitcher Developers. I have been in the email chains and zoom meeting(s) to try to plead the case for allowing RSS feed access, and helping to keep the ball rolling by pushing the issues with Stitcher. As it stands now I try to help field problems with the app in discord, reddit, twitter, etc. While it's no longer my site, I have a relatively good understanding of what is going on. Shahruz is quite busy with other projects to be handling everything, so I help where I can.

What happens to my play history?
It will be lost. There is no way to retain it. The new site is built from scratch for the entirely new system. There is no translation between new and old so you'll have to start over, sorry.

Why did you shut this site down?
The current site is used by so little because of the new site, that it didn't make sense to keep going. Combine that with glitches and old code that I did not want to maintain as there are much better options available. Plus this system has been attacked by an (seemingly untargeted) DDoS attack twice in September, it didn't knock it down because we have proper mitigation, but... it's extra headaches.

Why is (podcast) not in the search on the new site?
You are only allowed to download shows that are classified as "Stitcher Premium" through the new website. If you can't find it, it is because there is probably a free feed somewhere or they moved to another network (like CBBWorld, Flagrant Ones, etc)

Why doesn't Stitcher let you access RSS feeds?
Stitcher is a platform, much like Spotify. They have the premium shows so you listen to them in the app and explore and find other shows you want. We should just count ourselves lucky that we have received the blessing and support from Stitcher to operate the RSS feed option. The new site can at any time be remotely disabled by Stitcher. The fact that they keep it going is very considerate. If you don't like the app, well... some people do, some don't. They are working on making it better. I have no affiliation with them but the team there have been so damn polite and really love what they do. They are doing big work with a small team.

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